Rapid prototyping with solr

Extreme prototyping with Solr by Eric Hatcher

At ApacheCon this week I presented “Rapid Prototyping with Solr”.  This is the third time I’ve given a presentation with the same title.  In the spirit of the rapid prototyping theme, each time I’ve created a new prototype just a day or so prior to presenting it.  At Lucene EuroCon the prototype used attendee data, a treemap visualization, and a cute little Solr-powered “app” for picking attendees at random for the conference giveaways.  For a recent Lucid webinar the prototype was more general purpose, bringing in and making searchable rich documents and faceting on file types with a pie chart visualization.

This time around, the data set I chose was Data.gov’s catalog of datasets, which fit with the ApacheCon open source aura, and Lucid Imagination’s support of Open Source for America, which helps to advocate for open source in the US Federal Government.  The prototype built includes faceting browsing, query term suggest, hit highlighting, result clustering, spell checking, document detail, and a bonus Venn diagram visualization.


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