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Heroku platform for scalable web applications

I’m so locked up in my own java world that I didn’t realize something as cool as this existed in the ruby world. Heroku is the instant ruby platform. Deploy any ruby app instantly with a simple and familiar git push . Take advantage of advanced features like HTTP caching , memcached , rack middleware , and instant scaling built into every app. Never think about hosting or servers again. From a layman’s point of view, Heroku looks like a ruby version of GAE ( Google app engine ). It has some of the same features as GAE.  But unlike GAE, Heroku actually talks about their architecture in great detail. They use Nginx as the front-end HTTP reverse proxy server and Varnish for the caching right behind Nginx. They wrote their own custom software to “route” requests between the web frontend and the backend services. The actual user code runs on the “Dyno Grid” where each dyno looks like a self contained ruby instance with user code (compiled slugs). There could be

Dilbert and the cloud