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Scalability Updates for Jan 26th 2010

A few interesting updates for today Derrick Harris made an insightful observation that Cloud providers are pairing up with CDNs . I won’t be surprised if some consolidations happen in this arena Cassandra 0.5.0 is released . I can’t wait to try it out. Paper: Keyspace: A consistently replicated, highly-available key-value store Paper: PaxosLease: Diskless Paxos for leases Cloudkick : A cross cloud-platform monitoring service. A short review here . In a post by Reuven Cohen about “ Oversubscribing the cloud ” talks about why “quotas” are important in a cloud infrastructure. He thinks there is a non-linear relation between capacity and customer demand. If it were non-linear, does it mean things should get more expensive as demand increases ? I hadn’t heard of “ graph database ” until today. HyperGraphDB does just that and its a distributed database.