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Scalability links for Feb 28th 2010

State of current NoSQL databases : A very detailed post about many NoSQL solutions. A lot of work went into this one. Truth about joins : Google app engine datastore’s limitation of not allowing joins might soon be a thing of the past. Simple joins may now be possible on GAE if you are using Java. Its still beta, but the fact that this is being tested is very encouraging. Should you switch to NoSQL too ? Notes on MongoDB : A very nice summary of MongoDB. Redis real-life examples [ More here ] : I’ve been seeing a lot of discussions around Redis lately. Here are some use cases I’ve gathered from a couple of posts. Haven’t yet seen it being used by a large organization. Who’s Online Track user locations with Node.js and Redis Remote Dictionary server Twitter clone using Redis Sikwamic: Simple Key-value with comet Replication technologies Using Varnish to assist with AB testing – Testing