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Scalability links for March 13th 2010

For some reason there has been a disproportionately high number of news items on Cassandra lately. Some of those are included below, but also included are some other interesting updates which you might have missed. Rackspace and Drizzle: Its time to rethink everything Haproxy 1.4 – Now supports mysql health checks – This is a big deal for users using haproxy to loadbalance Mysql servers. Video: Doug cutting : Founding of Hadoop Horizontal scaling:  aka loadbalancers – This is a video. As they A picture is worth a thousand words. How Farmville Scales – The Follow up Appengine joins IPv6 – This is the odd one out. I don’t think anyone other than google is worried about IPv6 At this point. IPv4 is really running out, and IPv6 address space is easy to get. If you have customers on IPv6, its very helpful if the server is also on IPv6. But the infrastructure may not be there yet… Automated, faster, repeatable, scalable deployments   Datas