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Scalability links for March 20th 2010 – Lots of datastore related items

Interesting news items for the week Subversion at Google Code is now replicated across multiple datacenter, is 3 times faster and uses Paxos algorithm to guarantee consistency VMware hired the Redis creator Amazon S3 Versioning is ready for production    Presentations,  talks and opinions  Pregel – Google’s Graph DB infrastructure The first public talk (as far as I know) on Pregel is scheduled to happen at Sigmod2010 Spanner – Google’s plan to build a single wordwide cluster Itegrating Apache Mahout with Lucense and Solr Redis overview Thoughts on Drizzle   and Thoughts on thoughts on Drizzle From NoSQL Live in Boston HyperGraphDB   Neo4j riak   Tokyo Cabinet MongoDB with Groovy Riak and Cassandra – this started a sh!t storm which has since coole