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All Velocity conference 2010 Slides/Notes

Here are all the slides/PDFs which I’ve come across from the first 2 days at velocity, please let me know if I missed any. Links,  PDF and Docs Apache traffic server – HTTP proxy server on the edge Dont let third parties slow you down Keeping tracking of your performance using slow show Mobile web high performance Progressive enhancements: Tools and techniques Removing the human SPOF Scalable internet architectures Data center infrastructure innovation Closure Compiler: Speeding web applications by compiling javascript Ignite: Apache libcloud Videos -   Slides Velocity2010 View more presentations from Tim O’Reilly . Common Sense Performance Indicators in the Cloud View more presentations from Nick Gerner . Mobile Web High Performance View more presentations from Maximiliano Firtma

Speeding up 3rd party widgets using ASWIFT

This is a summary of the talk by Arvind Jain, Michael Kleber from Google at velocityconf about how to write widgets using same domain iframe using document.write. Speed improvements of over 90% in loading widgets with this change. Web is slow Avg page load time 4.9s 44 resources, 7 dns requests, 320kb Lot of 3rd party widgets digg/facebook/etc Measurements of 3rd party widgets Digg widget 9 HTTP requests, 52 kB scripts block the main page from downloading stylesheets blocks the main page from rendering in IE Adsense takes up  12.8% page load time Analytics takes up < 5%   ( move to async widget ) Doubleclick takes up 11% How to make Google AdSense “fast by default” Goals / Challenges Minimize blocking the publishers page Show the ad right where the code is inserted Must run in publishers Domain Solution (ASWIFT) -

Urs Holzle from google on “Speed Matters”

From Urs’ talk at the velocity2010 conference [ More info : Google , datacenterknowledge ] Average web page - 320kb, 44 resources, 7 dns lookups, doesn’t compress 3rd of its content Aiming for 100ms page load times for chrome Chrome: HTML5, V8 JS engine, DNS prefetching, VP8 codec, opensource, spurs competition TCP improvements Fast start (higher initial congestion window) Quick loss recovery (lower retransmit timeouts) Makes Google products 12% faster No handshake delay (app payload in SYN packets)  [ Didn’t know this was possible !!! ] DNS improvements Propagate client IP in DNS requests (to allow servers to better map users to the closest servers) SSL improvements False start (reduce 1 round trip from handshake) 10% faster (for Android implementation) Snap start (zero round trip handshakes, resumes) OCSP stapling (avoid i

James Hamilton: Data center infrastructure innovation

Summary from James’ keynote talk at Velocity 2010 Pace of Innovation – Datacenter pace of innovation is increasing.  The high focus on infrastructure innovation is driving down the cost, increasing reliability and reducing resource consumption which ultimate drives down cost. Where does the money go ? 54% on servers, 8% on networking, 21% on power distribution, 13% on power, 5% on other infrastructure requirements 34% costs related to power Cost of power is trending up Clouds efficiency – server utilization in our industry is around 10 to 15% range Avoid holes in the infrastructure use Break jobs into smaller chunks, queue them where ever possible Power distribution – 11 to 12% lost in distribution Rules to minimize power distribution losses Oversell power – setup more servers than power available. 100% of servers never required in a regular datacenter.