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“Chrome instant” feature could break your webapp

The “ Google instant ” wasn’t a ground breaking idea by itself. We have all been using various forms of auto-completes for a while now. What makes it stand out is that unlike all the previous kinds of auto-completes, this one is able to search the entire web archive, at an amazing speed and still be able to serve personalized, hyper-local results.  You can get more information about its backend here and here . It wasn't surprising that Google even put this feature inside chrome itself. Take a look at this demo from lifehacker . This is where it gets interesting…   At the beginning this looked very exciting. I was pleasantly surprised when chrome brought up websites, in addition to auto-completing URLs,  as I typed. The impact on the servers didn’t sink in until I was debugging a bug in my own application which required me to take a look at the apache logs. Look at the following log snippet from apache. Not surprisingly, I found 17 calls instead of just 1 made to my