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Scaling Graphite by using Cfmap as the data transport

Graphite is an extremely promising system and resource graphing tool which tries to take RRD to the next level. Here are some of the most interesting features of graphite which I liked. Updates can happen to records in the past (RRD doesn’t allow this I think) Creation of new datasets is trivial with whisper/carbon ( its part of  the graphite framework ) Graphite allows federated storage (multiple servers across multiple datacenters for example) Monitoring and graphing resources across data-centers is tricky however. Especially because WAN links cannot be trusted. While loosing some data may be ok for some folks, it may not be acceptable for others. Graphite tries to solve this problem by providing an option to federate data across multiple servers which could each be kept in separate datacenters. Another way to solve this problem is by using a data transport which is resilient to network failures. Since Cfmap (thanks to Cassandra ) is a distributed, eventuall