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Scalability links for October 21st

Scalability links for October 21st: VMware and Google Launch 1st Series of Development Tools - VMware has collected some interesting assets. One of them was SpringSource. I'm slightly surprised with google and vmware working together. I guess both of them think there is something they both can gain from it. OpenStack: An Open Cloud Initiative Makes its 1st Release - Openstack has promised a lot. Lets figure out if it can deliver. I'm optimistic. AWS Free Tier: 750 hours of EC2 for free - This is big. They are going after Google App Engine I think. But it sucks for those who are already on AWS since this is available only to new users. SPOF (Single Point of Failure) Analysis - I can see why this can be a science by itself. SPOF detections and impact analysis is very important in production systems. Data Center Automation Startup Puppet Labs Acquires Open Source Project The Marionette Collective - The Marionette Collective aka. mcollective is a framework to build