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Building your first cloud application on AWS

Building your first web application on AWS is like shopping for a car at pepboys, part by part . While manuals to build one might be on aisle 5, the experience of having built one already is harder to buy. Here are some interesting logistical questions, which I donĂ¢€™t think get enough attention, when people discuss issues around building a new AWS based service. Picking the right Linux distribution : Switching OS distribution may not be too simple if your applications need custom scripts. Picking and sticking with a single distribution will save a lot of lost time. Automated server builds : There are many ways to skin this cat. Chef , Puppet , Cfengine are all good... Whats important is to pick one early in the game. Multi-Availability Zone support: Find out if multi availability zone support is important. This can impact over all architecture of the solution and tools used to implement the solution. Data consistency requirements : Similar to the Multi-AZ support q