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How to setup Amazon Cloudfront ( learning with experimentation )

I have some experience with Akamai’s WAA (Web applications archive) service, which I’ve been using in my professional capacity for a few years now. And I’ve have been curious about how  cloudfront compares with it . Until a few weeks ago, Cloudfront didn’t have a key feature which I think was critical for it to win the traditional CDN customers. “ Custom origin ” is an amazing new feature which I finally got to test last night and here are my notes for those who are curious as well. My test application which I tried to convert was my news aggregator portal . The application consists of a rapidly changing front page (few times a day) ,  a collection of old pages archived in a sub directory and some other webpage elements like headers, footers, images, style-sheets etc. While Amazon Coudfront does have a presence on AWS management console , it only supports S3 buckets as origins. Since my application didn’t have any components which requi