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Scalability links for December 4th

Scalability links for December 4th: Presenting - La Brea - An interesting tool which could be used to understand how failures, latency and other annoying issues can impact an application. The tool allows one to insert system calls into an existing application without recompiling original application. What's new in Cassandra 0.7: Secondary indexes - I finally see an example of the promissed land !! :) Can't wait to try this out. NoCAP Part III GigaSpaces clustering explained.. - Devops - The War Is Over - if You Want It - Great Introductory Video on Scalability from Harvard Computer Science - Strategy: Google Sends Canary Requests into the Data Mine - This is another way of testing code thrown out by continuous deployments. Very nice. Very Low-Cost, Low-Power Servers - Better Workflow Management in CDH with Oozie 2 - Facebook at 13 Million Queries Per Second Recommends: Minimize Request Variance - Keeping Customers Happy - Another New Elastic Load Balancer Feature -