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Splunk : Fastest way to get web operations dashboard running

Few weeks ago I asked a question on quora about  log aggregation . I was surprised to find no opensource solution which came close to what I wanted, but I got a lot of suggession from different people to try out splunk. So I did. What I wanted was an aggregation tool which collects, displays and alerts based on events logged by the various webservers across the network which could be in different datacenters. The organization where I set this up was generating about 300mb of production haproxy logs per day and something around 200mb of non-prod logs. Here is why splunk fit very well in this organization. 1) Log aggregation across multiple servers/datacenters- The organization had already solved this problem by piping haproxy logs using syslog-ng. They used a little bit of filtering to discard logs which are not interesting for splunk. Syslog-ng can be configured to use tcp instead of udp to make log delivery reliable. Splunk is capable of working as remote agents as well... but sending