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Scalability links for January 13th

Scalability links for January 13th: Building Mobile Apps With AWS? Submit Them to the Amazon Appstore! - I wonder if this is realted to lab126 project . Big News for Cloud Files Users – Akamai is coming! - This is huge. The onslaught of features from Amazon pretty much forced these two giants to partner up. Akamai and Rackspace have both got something to fear and its the consumers who win at the end. I'm ready for faster services on the cloud. Google Megastore - 3 Billion Writes and 20 Billion Read Transactions Daily - BigQuery, meet Google Spreadsheets - URL Design — Warpspire - Very thoughtful URL designing notes. Extremely helpful if you love building new web-applicaitions. WebServius - Monetization System for Data Vendors - This reminds of of Mashery. But unlike mashery the cost of entry is very very low. Ofcourse Mashery does a lot more than give access to static data, but this is a good starting point for a lot of services which provide static data. Pi