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Scalability links for January 19th

Scalability links for January 19th: Optimizing TCP Socket Across Data Centers - Intersting observation of why bandwidth sometime hits a ceiling. Also explains why organizatinos need CDNs and local datacenters closer to the end users. Introducing AWS Elastic Beanstalk - I made a prediction just a few days ago that AWS would do something like this. This is very cool and confirms my observation as to where the industry is heading towards. Paper: Relational Cloud: A Database-as-a-Service for the Cloud - Researcher Develops Password Hacking Software for Wi-Fi Networks Using Amazon Web Services - Scary way of using the cloud. But at the same time it shows that computing power is cheaper than ever. Hadoop I/O: Sequence, Map, Set, Array, BloomMap Files - Skype's acquisition of Qik is now complete - Now who can help me remove Qik app from my Evo ? Its a terrible product for which I have no use... but came bundled with the phone and I'm stuck with it. Gang of Smart

Beanstalk, Gogrid and HBase

Top 3 News items from  scalebig The big news is that Amazon has got into PAAS big time. I predicted it only a couple of days ago ( I said they will launch within next 1 year ). With beanstalk they plan to provide containers into which users can upload code to and let AWS manage rest of the complexities of things around it. They are starting with a tomcat based container for now and have mentioned plans to build other containers. Read more about it at " All things distributed " As weird as would sound, GoGrid is building the private cloud over public infrastructure . They are doing this just to let let CIO claim that they own the servers. This allows CIOs claim to be on two boat at the same time. At some point though CIOs will have to make a call and abandon one. BTW, this is not very different from managed infrastructure, with the exception that there now exists a virtualization toolkit to manage VMs on this managed infrastructure. Hbase 0.90.0 is released . Lots of