Chrome Frame - How to add command line parameters

Chrome frame intentionally does stuff without getting in the way of the user. This sometimes makes things harder to debug. For example how can one debug an issue if chrome frame doesn't even launch ? Apparently there is a flag for that. But you have to know how to enable it. Here are the steps.

  1. Make sure chrome frame is installed.
  2. We can enable startup flags for dumping debug logs using a policy called AdditionalLaunchParameters
  3. If this is just for one desktop, I recommend doing a registry edit (it can be pushed via GPO as well)
  4. Add a REG_SZ property "AdditionalLaunchParameters" to "SoftwarePoliciesGoogleChromeAdditionalLaunchParameters" with the value "--enable-logging --v=1" (also documented here and mentioned here)  [ Attachment 1 ]
  5. Next kill the IE browser and make sure chrome is also dead by checking taskmgr
  6. Restart IE and go to "gcf:about:version" and confirm that the parameters you added show up next to "Command Line:". If this doesn't work... skip this step and go to next step anyway.
  7. Under your "Application Data" folder (its inside "Documents and Settings") search for a file chrome_debug.log [ Its usually in "Application DataGoogleChrome FrameUser DataIEXPLORE"


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