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Chrome devices for everyone...

I compiled a list below of all the chrome devices which are sold today or were sold in the past. I did this primarily to understand the device trend. Interestingly the average price for a chrome device is around $340 US on Amazon 16 GB Flash is most common, but some devices have 32 GB option There is only one device I know off which comes with a real harddisk, but that's not listed in this chart. 2GB RAM is still popular, but more of the recent devices come with 4GB Average weight is around 3 pounds Average screen size is just over 12 inches for laptops Average battery duration is around 7.5 hours on single charge Note : This information was collected from various sources (including wikipedia and  and Amazon website) and may have unintentional errors. URL:

The trouble with ubiquitous computing

The idea of "ubiquitous computing" most people dream about doesn't usually include the troubles of patching them every week. It doesn't even mention that there would be new bugs found daily and that most of the fixes would be available weeks if not months after they were discovered. Windows XP has been in news recently because Microsoft has finally pulled support for this aging OS. 30% of all active desktops  are still on XP and now we know of a  new security bug , which would never get fixed for these users. XP may eventually become the epitome of unpatched buggy software because of the visibility this issue got, but I feel this may just be the tip of the iceberg. For every XP out there, I bet there is one or more unpatched networking device just waiting for someone to exploit it, and this number is growing very fast. Some of these bugs are just that... bugs, but I suspect most of them are due to  less then reputable code/design quality.  Its a wild-wild-west out th

Yet another shot of Golden gate