Chrome devices for everyone...

I compiled a list below of all the chrome devices which are sold today or were sold in the past. I did this primarily to understand the device trend.

  • Interestingly the average price for a chrome device is around $340 US on Amazon

  • 16 GB Flash is most common, but some devices have 32 GB option

  • There is only one device I know off which comes with a real harddisk, but that's not listed in this chart.

  • 2GB RAM is still popular, but more of the recent devices come with 4GB

  • Average weight is around 3 pounds

  • Average screen size is just over 12 inches for laptops

  • Average battery duration is around 7.5 hours on single charge

Note: This information was collected from various sources (including wikipedia and and Amazon website) and may have unintentional errors.



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