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The mobile revolution in numbers..

I'll be honest. I didn't know who or what "Mary Meeker" was until last year. The data I saw then and what I saw in her latest post is beyond fascinating. She (and her team) has put a lot of effort in collecting and analyzing interesting trends from all around the world. The end result is a deck like this one . I'm sure different people see different things in the deck... I picked the two slides below as the ones most interesting to me. The first one is about tablet growth. If you had time to see just one slide, this one would be the one. It shows the trend around what people are buying. Its very clear that notebooks took over desktops in 2009, but what I didn't know was that tablets are exploding in a way no one anticipated. It should be noted that average lifetime of the desktop is way longer than notebooks, and tablets/smartphones probably have the shortest lifespan. But even if you take that into account, the growth of tablets/phones is nothing short of a r

The end of spring..

 Took this shot a couple of weeks ago using my Nexus 5.      

Share Quickly: Taking screenshots of a chrome tab and publishing it online

It has been a while since I got my hands dirty writing code. So here is a tool I cooked up last night. Share Quickly  is a chrome extension which takes a screenshot of the active tab and uploads it to a public website which makes screenshot sharing a one click task. I plan to make these images disappear from cache after some time to save on storage... haven't figure out how to expose that yet. The files are hosted on Google's App engine using cloud storage and the front end for that service is on Google Compute engine. I choose to write this in PHP instead. Interestingly the backend storage is not limited to images only. You can actually use  to save and share arbitrary pieces text. Note that none of this is pretty, so be warned. Feature requests and general comments are welcome.