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The misconceptions around VPN

There is a misconception that VPNs have magical powers to protect you. Read on to understand what VPNs actually do, what they don't tell you and the risks you may be taking when you use them. What are VPNs good for One of the most important things VPNs can do is mask your IP address. To do this VPN providers have servers in different parts of the world and allow you to tunnel your traffic over those servers. A good VPN client can not only route your HTTP/HTTPS traffic, but all traffic from your device including DNS. This makes VPN providers different from Proxy servers because the latter doesn't handle DNS traffic. Masking IP Addresses have some interesting use cases. One of the most common use case is to hide what services you are using from your service provider. And it works with your local Starbucks cafe's network, the network at the Airport and AT&T/Comcast. While most of the traffic today already defaults to HTTPS, which limits how much a service provider can snoo